On the rare occasions that our products fail to meet quality standards (very seldom as we have rigorous quality standards testing) or there are issues in transit, we accept returns.
The process is overseen by a third party and evidence of damage or sub-standard quality must be given and proven.
To begin your claims, please email to :info@wilsionindustrial.com
Step 1:
If any quality claims, please send the details as the invoice No., quantity and images to your sales manager.
Step 2:
Our quality control team will review the historical record and issue the quality claim report in 24 hours.
Step 3:
If the claim is no dissidence, we will negotiate with the customer for the compensation. If the claim has dissidence, the details will be sent to a third party quality testing team who will re-inspect the case.
Step 4:
The third party testing team will report to us, providing evidence and details of the case.
Step 5:
If the quality claim is found be justified, we will accept it and proceed the returns procedure. If it is unjustified, we will not accept the claim and give the reasonable evidence.
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